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CRM Customisation

The CRM solution that can be modified to meet your business needs, from light personalisation to a fully customised CRM.

Make It Your Own

Customisable CRM that can be tailored to fit your business needs.

CRM Custom Settings

We think it’s important for your CRM to reflect how you work. That’s why with SpotlerCRM you can easily add and remove fields from any record using our standard CRM customisation. This will make it easy to find the data you need and to report on your activities.

There are many ways to customise your CRM system, from adding new fields through to controlling user access. We also offer a full Customisation Service to modify the interface’s layout, customise your sales cycle process, and manage your data tables.

CRM Custom Settings

Customise And Personalise

Custom settings for your business and team.

Personalise your page views, summary tables and dashboards.
Set User Permission Levels to increase your data security.
Standard custom options to add, edit or remove the CRM fields and dropdown lists.
Advanced options to customise menus, opportunity lines, CRM objects and more.
Use custom setting to tailor the CRM to reflect your business processes.
API to integrate your CRM functionality with virtually any system or app you use.
Custom reports and dashboard widgets to keep track of what’s important to you.
Bespoke service to fully customise your CRM.

CRM As You Like It

The freedom to make it your own with easy to use setting or talk to us for full CRM customisation.

Standard Custom Settings

Start by adding extra fields to the forms and remove the ones you don’t want. You can also edit the pre-defined values in the dropdown lists and add new ones. You might also like to customise the sales process options by defining your own sales stages and sales status to fit how you work.

Each user can personalise the CRM to view what’s important for their role, changing the columns in the summary tables, account page view and their dashboard.

Custom Reports

Using the listing and forecast report writers you can create, save and download custom reports using any of the data held in your CRM. You can build up the reports that include the information that’s important to you and include data from any custom fields you have added.

You can save the reports you regularly run to your dashboard or schedule to deliver them to your inbox.

User Permission Levels

To increase data security you can set CRM permission levels across your team and control who has access to what. By allocating each user to a User Group and allocating a User Profile you can determine the level of access each has to your data.

You could set up the security so users in the same User Group can access and edit each others’ accounts, but not accounts owned by users of another Group.

CRM reporting dashboard charts

Custom Charts

The CRM custom chart widgets provide a snapshots of your performance on your dashboard, pinpointing your key metrics. You can create custom chart widgets across the a whole range of data in your CRM, such as team performance, sales targets, marketing campaigns, account type, or any custom data you are collecting.

Simply add the chart to your dashboard to track each metric. The charts update in real-time so you’ll always be viewing the latest information.

CRM Customisation Service

The SpotlerCRM is as flexible as it is easy to use. If you have particular requirements where the standard CRM system is too confining, talk to us. We can help you design the perfect system for your team, creating custom objects, menus, forms, opportunity lines, dashboard widgets and much more. Contact Us to discuss your custom settings requirements.

CRM customization service

When I saw I had the ability to customize, that was a huge thing, especially being able to upload the custom fields and the custom tables really helped. We have been able to customize it to fit us perfectly.

David Johnson, Valley Surgical

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